• This class is perfect for the performer that is looking to hone their movement skills and learn how to express themselves through dance.

  • All students who wish to participate in this class must be evaluated by our head dance teacher/ choreographer, Maria Lonetti. This class is for advanced level performers who have prior experience with dance and/ or theater.

Dance geared to a tween/teen new to tap & jazz. For grades 4+.

  • This advanced level performance class allows students to explore music and dance numbers from popular musicals geared towards a young adult and adult audience such as Rent, Heathers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many more. Each week students will learn pieces from these musicals. Please be aware that the content learned in this class is designed for a mature student and audience.

  • A fun and energetic 8-week class for students looking to learn or improve their ability to perform choreographed fights on stage. In this class, students will learn the basics of physical stage-fighting using fake weapons and their bodies. Students will explore everything from slap-stick humor to fully choreographed sword-fights.


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